You’re In! Here’s What’s Next!


What to expect…

Over the next 5 days, you’ll receive 1 email from me ( outlining the daily activity.

Go ahead and put that address in your email address list to make sure you don’t miss any of the days! They build on each other!

I’ve created actions for each day - intended to move you closer to a better relationship with food and body every day.

I’ve taken some of my favorite powerful activities to share with you, but this only works if you do the work!

Day 1

  • Healthy Food Cheat Sheet

  • Free 1-day Meal Audit

Day 2

  • Breakdown of the Vicious Diet Cycle

  • A look at health in other areas in your life and a plan worksheet to level up your nutrition game

Day 3

  • How to make your health, your own

  • Worksheet to hone in on what you want your relationship with food to look like - in all areas

Day 4

  • A look at emotional eating triggers

  • One of my favorite clarity-providing Emotional Eating Activities

Day 5

  • 7-day meal plan

  • Worksheet you can use with Day 1’s handout to make your own favorite balanced meals and snacks


Little Back Story…

I didn’t always have the best relationship with food. There was a time where I didn’t know what to eat for health - I was so confused with all the info out there.

Once I figured that out, I thought everything would be perfect…but I had a problem applying it consistently.

I’ve taken the basics and created this plan to get you started in a the direction of a healthy body and a healthy relationship with food.


Here’s what’s next

1) Check your email and be sure to confirm your email address.

2) Put “” in your email address book (or drag into “inbox” in Gmail) to make sure you don’t miss any days.

3) Join the private Facebook group here for recipes, weekly live video trainings, and more!

4) Bonus: Put a reminder on your phone or calendar to check your email at the same time everyday to get the daily programming!

I cannot wait to hear from you. Remember, nothing happens if you don’t do the work.

You got this.

-Kat :)