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Learn the top 5 steps I use to stay on plan without feeling overwhelmed or stressed tailored for the Military Wife. 


What’s included…

  • How to deal with the unexpected

  • Emotional eating triggers and what to do next

  • How to align actions with goals

  • A habit tracker created for realistic changes

  • A workbook filled with exercises to strengthen your plan

  • How to choose meal components

  • Balanced meal and snack ideas

  • What foods to keep on hand for success

  • How to choose flavor profiles that give variety

  • How to plan your food for the week - the easy way

My name's Kat! I help Military Wives feel empowered around food without being perfectionistic about it. We work on body goals while improving their relationship with food. We cut the yo-yo dieting, confusion, and overwhelm of what to eat and help women see a big drop in emotional over-eating, consistency issues, and high-sugar habits that harm. 

I was there. 

There was a time when I was unsure of what to eat to fuel my body well. Unsure of what to eat. Unsure how to pair food for satiety, performance, staying power. But once I figure all that out, the next issue was consistency. Once I got that under my belt, I got married and added giant life stressors like leaving my family and friends, moving to a new state, trying to figure out my career path with moving every few years, and learning the ins and outs of being a military wife and the stuff that comes with it. All that gave me even more hands-on experience of eating well and feeling strong throughout the stressors. 

You need a plan you can actually do. The best meal plan in the world won't do anything positive long-term if we don't work on real life problems that keep you from being consistent. 

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We don't need more stress, or overwhelm of rules and information overload. And we need to know how to continue our intentions when life (especially the Military) throws crap our way. Unknown training cycles, not know (1).png

After you work through this workshop and the accompanying guide, you’ll know how to pair your food together, have ideas on prepping and seasoning your food, learn steps to ditch the guilt and align your actions to your goals when life happens. Learn how to take control of your nutrition and still have a life.

We will work on the skills needed to navigate common military life issues like

  • Irregular schedules

  • Fitting in more healthy food to the budget

  • Dealing with stressors of PCS season, deployments, training schedules and more

I recently surveyed a handful of military wives - some I had previously worked with, others I just met for the first time. They were all at different places in their health journey. Some had more things figured out and under their belt than others, but a common theme when I asked if they would have done anything different when starting their health journey was that they would have talked to a nutrition coach who understood their lifestyle before trying to figure it out on their own. 


Some people aren't ready for 1:1 nutrition coaching, and that's ok! I want to get you going and empower you to start having small wins so that you can realize that a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be complicated. 

How it's going to work...

As soon as you purchase your spot, I'll get an email and I can welcome you with open arms! :) I'll have all the emails ready with exactly the info telling you how to join the workshops going out a few times as we move toward the launch date. 

This program will be divided into TWO parts, each part will have TWO different times to give more availability in timing.

The workshop will go over the same material, so don't feel like you have to join both sessions of part one or both of part two. Of course, if you feel like you would get more out of that, you are more than welcome to hop on all of them!

  • The workshops will be recorded for those who can't make it live or if you want to reference it later. 

  • The live workshops will be 60-75 minutes via Zoom Video Conferencing (60 mins for content, and extra time for LIVE Q&A).

  • You will receive your course pdf workbook via email on October 1st

Who this is not for...

  • Those who have a quick fix-mindset. The is not a quick "lose 10 pounds in 10 days"-type thing. This is talking about long-term healthy practices to grow your skills.

  • Those who aren't open to doing the exercises provided and implementing them. I cannot physically hold your hand and make sure you implement. I cannot do the work for you. My goal is to empower you to follow through by helping to remove or manage roadblocks.

  • Those expecting to get specific numbers (i.e. calories or macros) of what exactly to eat - those are highly individual and require more info upfront than what we have time for in the two groups sessions. Plus, those numbers don't address the stuff that matters long-term.

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  • Why wouldn't I just go to the dietitians on post/base?

    • You can! Some are great! The problem is that most have so many people to see and often fall back on providing example meal plans, MyPlate handouts, and surface-level tips and tricks without having time and resources needed for diving deeper where the real change happens.

  • There's so much free info out there. Why do I need to join another program?

    • You're right! There's tons of info out there, but how has that been working out for ya? Yes, people have made amazing, long-term, transformations by doing their own research and piecing things together. But that takes tons of time, dedication, and trial and error. If that's for you, go for it! But if you want an easier way (where I gather the info, cut the BS, and deliver it to you) then I'm your girl!

  • Is this only for military wives?

    • While the principles of nutrition implementation for health span beyond who you're married to, my goal is to create a community where military wives can find support without guilt, judgement, and with those that understand some of the challenges that come along with having a spouse in the military. OPSEC will be enforced here. If you are interested in a similar kind of program, let me know by emailing Kat@UnlockedNutrition.com and I can give you recommendations and other possibilities.

  • When is this starting?

    • You will receive the workbook on October 1st. The dates and times are listed above.

  • These times don't work with my schedule. Can you add another time?

    • At this time, these will be the only times. I am recording the sessions so you can watch them at your convenience! If you of have questions similar to what you would ask during the Q&A part, feel free to email me and I can respond to them all through an email update.

  • Is there follow-up to this program?

    • One of my favorite things to do it work 1:1 with women to help them improve their relationship with food and get healthier (whatever that looks like for them). I offer 1:1 coaching throughout the year with women after going through an application process to see if we will work well together. You will get a better feel of me and my coaching style by being a part of this program and decide if working 1:1 is something you want to do!

  • Is there any support for doing this program?

    • While there is not currently any support beyond my private Facebook group (The Empowered Woman - Unlocking Nutrition), I am planning on building this out to a larger platform and membership site. I'm not sure what that will look like right now, but I am working on it! First I have to see if there is any need or desire for it (I'm testing that through this beta-workshop ;) )

  • How are you qualified to teach on this?

    • Glad you asked! I'm a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. This means that I graduated with a degree in nutrition, completed residency (mine was a clinical focus and was done around our first military move across states), passed a nationally accredited exam, and maintain continuing education. But beyond that, and more importantly (IMO), I've have learned from some of the best in the field and have hands-on experience on coaching through the implementation process.

  • I have a specific health condition. Will this program help me manage that?

    • You can use the tools provided to fit your specific dietary needs, however, I am not able to give you specific guidance on that because I am not your dietitian. Without having additional info, I am not able to legally give you advice specific to your needs. This is a group setting and the information will be general.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    • Short answer, no. I know these principles work. Nothing happens if you don't implement though. If you feel you have a special need or feel that I should have special consideration for your case, I'm open to hearing and having a conversation. Email me at Kat@unlockednutrition.com.

  • I'm an athlete, are you going to address sports nutrition?

    • I love working with athletes, but this is not focused on sports nutrition. If you are looking for sports nutrition, check out www.FeMVMNT.com, where we have a podcast, blog, and provide nutrition coaching and programming for the athlete.

    • I know I have some overlay of friends in both categories. I you do follow FeMVMNT, know that Christina and I are working on things special for you!!